10 Secrets to Make Small Living Room look Bigger

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how to make any room look bigger

Common problem of the city life: Small Living Rooms! You cannot just knock down the walls and extend it a little bit more, but there are some ways to create an illusion of a slightly bigger living room. Several tips would turn your small living room into fresh one:

1. Create a paradox

Placing a large mirror on the wall can create an illusion of a double interior. It also reflects the natural and artificial light to duplicate the brightness in your living room.

2. Brighter

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3. Raise up

Preferring furniture with raised legs can open up more space to breathe and give the feeling of a bigger living room.

4. Neater

The cluttered room seems smaller and crowded. If you place everything down, there would be more place to breathe.

5. Position well

Try to place your furniture close to the walls. Therefore you will gain more area in the center of your living room which will show it bigger than it actually is.

6. Up to down

Preferring floor to ceiling bookcases will bring out an illusion of a higher ceiling. Especially if the color of your bookcase matching to your wall, then it will look like a whole piece.

7. Simplicity

When it comes to the materials, be simple as possible. Dark colors or textures will make your living room look smaller.

8. Lighter

Try to prefer lighter colors for the room elements and furniture. While darker colors are absorbing the light, lighter colors will reflect it and provide a brighter interior.

9. Smaller pieces

Preferring big furniture will make your living room even smaller. Choosing smaller furniture wonu2019t take attention like bigger ones.

10. Multi-functional

To have less furniture and more space, try to combine the functions of the furniture. Preferring pieces with storages will be life-saving.

To have detailed information, check out the infographic below:



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