Interior Design Supervision

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Interior design supervision is a process where designer should control implementation of all the tasks from design, choosing materials and workers, renovation works up to the completion of given project.
design supervision


When you order a supervisioninterior designer should visit the site regularly and monitore if the works are quality and fulfilled on time by construction brigade ?. Therefore, only if the works have been finished in accordance with the schemes, drawings and specifications they are approved by the client. 

If there are necessary approvals by interior designer, of course, designer is tasked to make an adjustment and notify the customer regarding the reasons for alterations. He/she should not move unless the client consented him/her. 

In design or architectural supervision, the designer’s presence is very important and obligatory. For better performance and harmony of projects, designer is obtained the following responsibilities: 

  1. He/she should be the author of the project.
  2. Is tasked to develop every concept of the project.
  3. Must give the best interior solution whenever problems arises.
  4. Must give a due course on the matter of works and details.
  5. All structural and color schemes must be put into consideration. 
  6. If there are correction changes, designer is tasked to perform them.

Importance of supervision in interior design

If all the works in project are done according to the recommended scheme or paths, the total cost can be much lower ?. Or in other words, the architectural supervision is very negotiable. It also depends on the quality of works of contractors and their qualifications. 

So what are the duties and responsibilities of design supervision?  They are the following:

  1. Interior designer should regularly visit the site where the project is being made. Usually at least four (4) times a month.
  2. The consultation with all construction workers must be thoroughly discussed in terms of drawing and sketches. If there were some changes or revision, interior designer is obliged to make an adjustment specially if the revision affects and dismantled the old design, erected the partition, the floor, the ceilings and all wall labelling. 
  3. Interior designer is served as quality control over all the projects. And as a quality control, he/she should meet the dues and deadlines of the submission of reports, the schedules of site visiting, what modifications he/she is going to use. If there were defects upon finishing the works, of course, consult the contractor’s team.
  4. Make a correspondence in every selected coloristic solution and how would it be done or executed.
  5. All materials must be corresponded with the old sample home page.

Responsibiliy of interior designer

interior design supervision

So, if the project is hard to persuade, you must find the highly experienced interior designer whose skills are perfectly specialized. Such designer can assure your expectations to make the project on time and put it into reality. So therefore, you don’t need to worry about the concepts and you are ensured that the building is safe and quality. 

All the supervision must be always and regularly done based on the standpoint of the wants and needs of the clients. The team must be wealth in experience and must use advanced technology. Interior designer should manage everything in the project: people, time, schedules, reports, recommended adjustments and target environment for better output. 

So, here below are top 3 responsibilities of the designer doing a project supervision:

  1. Quality assurance. The works and tasks of the designer are to assume the quality. Designer has to meet the client’s satisfactory results. 
  2. Cost control. It must be audited by the construction firm in terms of details.
  3. Shedule control. All the works must be finished on time and should meet every deadline given ?️. It must be properly checked the given operation to avoid left dues and targets. The team must follow the deadlines to meet the expectations of the customers. 

Why you should order interior design supervision

interior designer supervision

So, to sum up, here are the reasons/benefits ✅ why you should order a supervision:

  • Organization with the residence management.
  • Organization of the team.
  • Organization of the work flow.
  • Fast replacement for the necessary conditions.
  • Strict deadlines with interior designer.
  • Checking each product before delivery.
  • Checking everyday the works in the property.
  • Checking the documentation of the workers.
  • Customer knows what is happening each day.
  • Workers are responsive to a person they work regularly with.
  • Arrangement of the necessary teams together.
  • Workers can take wrong decisions.
  • Mistakes not prevented will cost more.
  • The solution of an interior designer for special occasions are more right than workers.
  • The worker team cannot always warranty the solution.
  • An interior designer is responsible who is always by your side.
  • The materials should be original and as agreed.
  • It is not always possible to intensely control the workers.
  • Interior designer is more careful to the details.
  • A project can occur totally different when used different installation ways.

In this article, we’ve tried to show you how important is supervision of your design or architectural project and how supervision in interior design is pretty hard to deal with.

Interior Designer Istanbul

Interior Designer Istanbul

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