Most Frequent Interior Design Mistakes!

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Everything seemed fine, but where you did the mistake? After reading this post you will definitely figure it out!
green bathroom design

🚨 Secret Revealed! 🚨 
🧐 Maybe you were just not realizing what is wrong with your interior. With this post we will understand in which point we did the mistake or mistakes? 
🚫 The most common mistakes in Interior Design!

navy sofa

1️⃣ Single Color interior: 
You may like that color BUT an interior without any nuance is just going to destroy the perception of the interior. 

purple sofa

2️⃣ Lack of Light: 
It is not always possible to welcome the right natural lighting BUT with a poor lighting you may create a useless and depressive interior. 

vintage cafe design

3️⃣ Things all around:
Not saying about being tidy BUT if you keep the things all around you will steal from your physical and mental personal area a lot. 

wooden countertop

4️⃣ Fragile Materials:
Wood countertop at your kitchen, sateen textile at your most used sofa, silk curtain! If you promise to use them least and take care so go ahead! BUT if you treat them daily that traces and stains will disturb you forever. 

gold details in interior design

5️⃣ Wrong dimension:
A giant sofa in a tiny room? Definitely will own all the room and no place will be left for others.

✍🏻 Just could mentioned a few of them here! For more common mistakes you can visit our website “Top 10 Interior Design Mistakes” OR follow up our stories to get the direct link to the article! 👆🏻

🤓 Which of these mistakes you think you did? Share with us in the comments👇🏻
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