10 Unusual Restaurants from all over the world

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unsual restaurants all over the world

A very good way to promote the restaurant is to design it in the broadest sense of this word. To create an unusal restaurants. Institutions pay attention not only to the appearance of menu and interior, some of them go further and build a promotion strategy using the general “strangeness”. Today we present to your attention the material about 10 unusual restaurants from all over the world which are seriously stand out from the crowd of “ordinary” institutions.

From the underwater restaurant in the Maldives, which is located at a depth of more than 16 feet, to the unforgettable dinner in the sky over Montreal – we will tell you about the best and the most amazing unusual restaurants, so you will know exactly where to go not just to eat, but also to get bright and unforgettable impressions.

Ithaa Restaurant
Ithaa Undersea Restaurant – Rangali Island, Maldives

A wonderful and comfortable underwater restaurant (with a capacity of not more than 14 guests) is located at a depth of 16 feet below the sea level and it is a part of the Conrad Maldives resort on Rangali island. The restaurant is completely made of glass, its opening took place in 2005.

Here you can try fresh seafood, a steak made of beef and veal and other delicious meals. Its roof which is made of transparent acrylic provides a panoramic view of the underwater world with an angle of 270 degrees to visitors. Despite the fact that the zinc coating protects the steel construction of Ithaa from corrosion, salt water and fouling by marine organisms, it will finally lead to the destruction of the structure. So book a table before it will be too late.

Ninja Restaurant

Ninja New York Restaurant – New York, USA

A columnist from the New York Times whose name is Frank Bruni describes the restaurant Ninja New York as “weird, boring underground maze, where you are greeted by people who are dressed in black suits and who are incessantly bowing, shouting battle cries and tumbling”.

The establishment looks like you came to a Japanese feudal village which is full of dark corners and winding passages in the 15th century. While you are eating, invisible soldiers not just serve sushi and sake, but they also do various tricks. Let’s call it the Japanese cuisine with a mixture of martial arts.

Dinner in the Sky Restaurant

Dinner in the Sky Restaurant – Montreal, Canada

Do you love height? The idea of the restaurant in the sky was created in Belgium. A lifting  crane lifts a special platform with a firmly fixed table and chairs to the height of 160 feet, there is also a wait staff there and everything to enjoy a lunch between sky and earth.

The idea of a new transportable restaurant became popular and now such restaurants run periodically in different cities around the world, including Montreal.

Redwoods Treehouse RestaurantRedwoods Treehouse restaurant: feast in the forest – Warkworth, New Zealand

Redwoods Treehouse restaurant, which form reminds the onion, was built on the sequoia tree in the city of Warkworth in the North of New Zealand in 2008. Visitors get to a height of more than 32 feet by going on the road which is made of local redwood.

This wonderful place is only used for private events and there can be up to 30 guests.
Nekorobi Restaurant

Nekorobi Cat Cafe – Tokyo, Japan

Now you can drink a cup of coffee in the unusual environment. “Nekorobi” is a trendy cat cafe which is located in the entertainment district of Ikebukuro. Here you can spend time perfectly with furry friends. Through the glass doors visitors enter a dimly lit room where the cats play and rest.

There is also a vending machine with drinks and snacks here which offers a wide variety of hot and cold drinks, including coffee, royal milk tea, green tea and miso soup of rapid preparation. And in the evening visitors get a chance to watch the dinner ritual when the inhabitants of the cafe come to the glass bowls of food, which are placed on the floor around the lamp. This place certainly deserves the attention of all cat lovers.

Safe House Restaurant

Safe House Restaurant – Milwaukee, USA

This restaurant which is located in the North-West of the USA has a plain appearance, but this is the meaning of this place. The espionage idea of the institution is based on the definition of a CIA safe house, which is an ordinary room at first glance, where spyware organization can do its secret activities and stay safe.

You will not find a sign saying “Safe House”, you need to know the password if you want to get inside. If you ever come to Milwaukee you should look for this top-secret restaurant. But remember that you learned about it not from us.
Modern Toilet Restaurant

Modern Toilet Restaurant – Taibei city, Prov. Taiwan, China

The idea of creation of such an outrageous restaurant came to one of the owners when he was reading while sitting – where else? – in the toilet. It all started with the sale of chocolate ice cream in containers which had a shape of a bowl, but the humor was appreciated and soon there was a full restaurant in the style of the bathroom.

Today “Modern Toilet” is a growing chain of restaurants throughout Asia. If this toilet theme sparked your curiosity be hurry to get to the toilet (which is not working!) and try the dishes served in a themed tableware.
De Kas Restaurant

De Kas Restaurant – Amsterdam, Netherlands

It’s more surprising than weird: Imagine a restaurant which menu includes the freshest ingredients, and by saying the freshest I mean that the ingredients were harvested during the sunrise in the same day when you come to dinner. Welcome to “De Kas” which is an old greenhouse in Amsterdam that was supposed to be closed in 2001, but the ambitious chef Gert Jan Hageman, who has a Michelin star, turned the unique structure with a height of 26 feet into a restaurant which is combined with a greenhouse.

Mediterranean vegetables, herbs and edible flowers are grown in the greenhouse and in the garden next to the restaurant, and it is possible to find Hageman in the greenhouse “De Kas” where he works daily in agriculture, plants herbs and vegetables, weeds the garden and makes a harvesting.

The Bubble Room Restaurant

The Bubble Room Restaurant – Captiva Island, Florida

This eclectic restaurant, which is decorated with classic toys of 1930-1940-ies, was opened in 1979. That time “The Bubble Room” was a small one-room eatery, but today it turned into a multi-themed restaurant occupying all three floors in the house where everything once began. Each of the waiters which are called here like “bubble unit” has his own unusual hat. On all three floors there are trains and the walls are entirely decorated with the photos of scenes from old movies and with the photos of movie stars.

“It is always Christmas in the Bubble Room” — that is one of the themes of the restaurant, and the figures of Santa Claus which are everywhere, the room of Elves and the Christmas lights which are turned on all the year prove that. In the institution there is music of the 1920-1940-ies, and fun pastel colors almost cause hallucinations. Burning Socra cheese, special Bubble Bread and a variety of desserts of huge proportions are the most selected dishes on the menu from the first day of the working of this restaurant.

O'noir Restaurant

O.NOIR Restaurant – Toronto, Canada

It is possible to have a dinner in the darkness in many restaurants abroad, but for the first time this idea appeared in Canada in 2006. The first restaurant “O. NOIR” was opened in Montreal and another one was opened in Toronto in 2009. The philosophy of the institutions “O. NOIR” is that if you are eating in the dark you get much more fun, because if you lose your eyes for some time, you activate the other senses including smell which is increased in several times. It’s forbidden to bring flashlights, phones and even watches with backlight to the restaurant. So that’s way we cannot share with you the interior photos of this restaurant. 

The evening begins in a lit bar where guests make their orders; then a waiter escorts them into the unlit dining room and explains where on the table everything is. The meal lasts two hours. This new experience certainly gives the notion of “blind date” a new meaning.





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