29 Ideas for Small Kitchen Design

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Small Kitchen Design Ideas

The world is improving and we are trying to design a comfortable life in it. Our home is where we belong and it is not always possible to find an apartment that will fit our needs. Especially in the city life, it is getting harder each day to find a convenient place to live. Apartments getting smaller and it is becoming a challenge to fit inside.

For the kitchen lovers, the hardest thing is to fit in and enjoy the small kitchen. It may seem not possible but there are great small kitchen design ideas to show it bigger. It is still possible to design your small kitchen according to your taste and still fit in it.

1. Plan Well

kitchen working triangle

The very first thing to start is the plan of your kitchen. The main thing you need to concentrate is the kitchen triangle which includes range, sink and refrigerator itself. Try to keep this triangle alive. It will help you to create most useful traffic in your kitchen. This positioning will help you organize where to put all the other stuff.

2. Lighter Colors

In small kitchen, to have more fresh taste, the easiest way is to have a kitchen with bright colors. It is also a fact that brighter colors such as white supports the feeling of hygiene.

3. Brighter

Brighter Kitchen

Brighter kitchen will create an illusion of a bigger space. To have a light colored kitchen or by illuminating your small kitchen, you can create a bigger space feeling.

4. Effective Lighting

Lighting is an important interior element which can directly affect the perception of the area. Installing effective lighting under the cabinets to illuminate counter top is what should be considered first. Installing a led bulb lighting under the cabinets to illuminate the flooring will create a depth to your small kitchen.

5. Include the View

Kitchen View

This suggestion is for small kitchens with wide windows. Embracing the nature will add more perspective to your small kitchen. If you have a change to widen your window, go ahead. Nothing can help you better than natural light.

6. Vertical Shine

Glossy Kitchen

Lighting is the key, but when it is used with the reflective materials, it doubles its effect. Under and over cabinet lighting will create a great depth with glossy tiles and help you widen your small kitchen. Even if it is not common, glossy ceiling will help you get better illumination and also by reflection, it will create bigger kitchen illusion.

7. Simple Lines

Minimal Kitchen Design

Less is more! As always, having a tidy, well organized small kitchen, you can have more space to use. Little ornaments on the furniture, little accessories won’t add quality or better impression for your small kitchen.

8. Reflective Materials

As mentioned above, lighting gets stronger when used with reflective materials. With the help of light, glossy finish furniture will create a horizontal depth.

9. Built-ins

Storing things may be a challenge where there is a lack of space. Especially with the big kitchen appliances such as microwaves, it is not a good solution to leave a permanent space on your countertop. Despite that having a vertical working place by built in kitchen appliances will save your working space.

10. Highlighting Workspace

Under Cabinet Lighting

Highlighting workspace will help you more when it is used with the reflective back splash. It will help you create double effect of the area.

11. Mirror Backsplash

Even if it is not so much popular, having a backsplash made up of mirror may help you extend your small kitchen. There are plenty of different mirror colors which may add more mystery even.

12. Extend Workspace

Pull Out Table

Working space is where cooking lovers care about the most. Having bigger workspace is not always possible for small kitchens. For this reason, by installing hidden pull out counters will help you widen your workspace.

13. Shining Countertop

Shining Countertop

Despite others, if you like to have darker kitchen, it is better to focus on single color. In this case, small kitchen may seem smaller to you but having a brighter, reflective countertop will break this illusion.

14. Wall Mounted Furniture

Wall mounted furniture will help you create more fluent traffic in your small kitchen. Wall mounted shelves will help your store more and the wall mounted tables will help you gain more space to move.

15. Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-Purpose Kitchen Furniture

To have multi-function in one piece of furniture will save you from buying more things. Having a stool that can be also used as a ladder or having an island to use it for also storing things will help you organize your small kitchen better.

16. Movable Furniture

Foldable Kitchen Furniture

Choosing furniture for the small kitchen is important. The furniture that can be folded or the drop leaf tables may help you gain more space.

17. Pull Out Cabinet

Pull Out Cabinet

Not only the horizontal drawers but also installing vertical pull out thin drawers can help you store more things.

18. Island

Kitchen Island

Especially for the open kitchens, having an additional countertop by installing island is a convenient solution. This way, it is possible to separate two different rooms and to create a mini dining place.

19. Transparency

Transparent Chair for Kitchen

Preferring transparent bar stools will help you widen the perception of your small kitchen. Having a Ghost chair will be a perfect solution.

20. Open Shelves

Kitchen Open Shelves

Instead of cabinets, having open shelves can help you get more fresh kitchen and also this way you won’t need a space to open the cabinet doors. It will be also easier to find whatever you are searching.

21. Above Cabinet

Over Cabinets

For small kitchens, it is important to take advantage of all the empty places. Above cabinets are the one of the hidden places that you can store a lot.

22. Glass Doors

Glass Door Cabinets

If you like to store in cabinets, having glass cabinets will be a convenient choice for your interiors. Glass will provide a more perspective and it will also add shine to your small kitchen by reflecting the light.

23. Store Appliances

Storing Small Appliances

Even if all of them are the beautiful design objects, storing them will be a wise thing to do in small kitchen. This way you will gain more area at your counter top for your workspace.

24. Beneath Shelves

Beneath Shelves

To store more, you can have additional baskets under the shelves to store more stuff.

25. Inside of the Doors

Another secret is to use the inside of the cabinet doors especially for the thinner pieces.

26. Cabin Sides

Cabin Sides

Not only inside, but also outside of the cabinets are convenient for the storing. By installing thing shelves for small pieces or for accessories, you may store more and create better look.

27. Toekick Drawers

Not only above the cabinets but also under the cabinets there is always a chance to create more space for storing. Toe kick drawers are commonly located under the oven but to have more space it is possible to install more of them.

28. Hanging Racks

Kitchen Racks

To have more space in your cabinets, hanging stuff is another solution for storing, even more decorative one. You can have wall mounted or ceiling mounted racks to hang your glasses or cooking utensils.

29. Store Away

Cabinets at your dining room is also a chance to store kitchen accessories. You can even prefer display cabinets with glass doors.

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