5 Best Marble Table for Dining Room

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marble dining table



One of the most important parts of the house is the dining room. It is the focal point where we welcome our guest, where we share our taste of design, style, and personality. The dining table is where we spent time with our family and guests.

The comfort and beauty of this area tells a lot about us. Especially the top material, the surface of the table is the most eye-catching part of this area. The top material must chosen carefully. The material musn’t be scratched or stained easily. On the one hand, it must be attractive, on the other hand, it should not be so much reflective and disturbing.

Recent years, despite many different kinds of materials and designs launched for the dining table tops, some basic materials are never losing its value. One of these materials is Marble. Marble is a metamorphic rock that has the veiny structure occurred by the natural heat and pressure.

Marble is an elegant material which can be compatible with different styles. It is possible to see the marble top both in modern and antique tables. Despite its density and durability, it is accepted as a soft stone.

5 Best Marble Dining Tables

Why to prefer Marble Dining table?

Marble has a timeless appeal, and it is a representator of the natural. With its sophisticated look, they are the sign of elegance. They can be paired with a different style of materials. Finding marble tables in different colors and textures is possible.

Marble dining table can provide an extravagant ambiance and still be affordable. Also not only old-fashioned classical look but also an Individual and exclusive taste for your dining room with an air of luxury.

Whether with natural marble or faux-marble, wooden legs or metal framed legs, it is always possible to find a marble table that will match the theme of your dining room.

marble dining table

What is important to know before having a marble dining table?

Marble is a bulky and heavy material and delicate for the crushes. Therefore preferring natural marble table, needs more attention. The cracked marble cannot be gathered back as before. For this reason, marble tables are more suited to use in less used areas in your house. Especially, for the families with children, it is important to avoid preferring marble dining tables with sharp edges.

It is also an important fact that, once you placed the dining table, it must be avoided to move as much as possible. If it is important to move the furniture to clean periodically, it is also possible to choose faux-marble dining table which will provide the similar look as natural marble dining table with less heavy.

marble dining tables

Despite having a marble table is a right decision about the durability for the long-term choice as it may outlast for the long term, it should not be forgotten that, marble tops need resealing in several years to retain the surface shiny. This time can change according to the using frequency.

To maintain the surface quality of the marble dining table, the coasters and trays must used for the foods and drinks. The marble table must be covered with tablecloth or placemats to avoid interaction with red wine, coffee, acidic beverages and hot service. In case of spills, it must be wiped up immediately to prevent permanent staining.

It is also important to prefer cleaners only recommended for marble because other cleaners can damage the finish of the marble table with the chemicals that are containing or with the acidic structure of them. Also, the white marble can turn to dull yellow in contraction with wax.

How to choose the Marble Dining Table?


The size of the dining table mostly depends on the area of the dining room and the number of people that is preferred to accommodate. The general size of the dinner table requires approximately 24”-28” of space.

For the round dining table, the minimum size:

  • Four people: 32”
  • Six people: 46”
  • Eight people: 60”

To calculate the number of people you can accommodate, there is a secret formula:

(Diameter x 3.14) / 24 = Number of People

In this case: (46” x 3.14) /24 = ~ 6 people

The other consideration can be the number of chairs. It is possible to provide an intimate setting and squeeze 5 people for the 32” table or in another saying, you can provide roomier seating by serving 4 people at the 32” table.

The formula also works for the rectangular or oval tables however it is important to keep in mind that these shapes won’t provide same capacity for seating. For example: 6 people can fit to a 46” round table but for 46” long table can only be enough for 4 people.

rectangular tables sizes

For the rectangular or oval tables minimum size:

  • Four people: 48” long
  • Six people: 60” long
  • Eight people: 72” long.

Another guide to choosing the best size of marble dining table is to decide with the walls. The suggested distance between walls and the dining table is 36”-48”. In this case, there would be enough space to pull out the chairs and to have a traffic around the table.


table heights

Counter Table

Dining Table

Pub Table

The height of the dining table does not change a lot in comparison with the width. The general heights of the tables are:

  • Dining table: 28” – 30”
  • Counter – Height table: 36”
  • Pub-Style table: 40” – 42”

Natural Marble VS Faux Marble

natural marble vs faux marble

The biggest differentiation of the natural marble and the faux marble is its naturality. Marble is a sign of wealth and status. It is there with its cold feeling and veiny structure. Faux- Marble can imitate the feeling from far but cannot provide the cold feeling.

The reason why faux-marble is preferred is mainly the concern of price. Faux- marble is generally, painted to imitate the real marble. In this case, as a surface, it may not provide a long-lasting surface. Therefore it is generally preferred for the decorative elements of the interior where it is expensive to use real marble.

Marble is an expensive material and to maintain the quality it needs special care. Faux- marble is cheaper, and it doesn’t need resealing in time. Faux marble dining tables are much lighter to move when compared to the real marble.

5 Best Marble Table

Homelegance Faux Marble Dining Table

Marble dining table seems to be an old-fashioned choice for many. As it is an ageless material, it can shapeshift to the different styles when paired with modern materials. Recent years, the metal framed furniture became more popular.

The crafted and shiny polished frame can provide a strong contrast in itself. While presenting the modern and minimal, it also recalls the value of the beauty from the past with its black faux marble top. Chrome finished attractive legs are providing a balanced refraction providing a healthy and comfortable space for the users.



  • Enough for 6 people
  • Sturdy
  • Modern Design
  • Sharp Corners
  • Heavy


Modway Lippa Faux Marble Dining Table

Marble, doesn’t only belong to the old-fashioned style of dining rooms. It is also a convenient choice for the modern dining rooms. As mentioned before, the oval-shaped dining tables are more convenient to welcome more users. For the dining room, where the area is not enough, the oval marble table can be the most convenient choice.

The lacquered metal base provides a unique style which will be perceived as a whole shape with the white faux marble top. The flowing design, also provides a space for more users. The scratch and chip resistant finish will help the user to maintain the quality for the long term. The good crafter faux- marble is hard to distinguish from the real one while it is easier to care. It is a modern classic choice for the dining room.



  • Smooth Feeling
  • Realistic
  • Space Saver
  • Modern Design
  • Scratchable
  • Heavy


Zinus Faux Marble and Wood Dining Table

For decades, the combination of wood and marble served many people. The faux marble table, paired with the pine wood is sturdy enough to prefer in a dining room. The center faux marble tile is sturdy enough to serve as a dining table.

The material contrast will make it impossible to understand if the marble is real or not. The pinewood balances the dark marble and brings out the strong style. The faux marble tile is well polished and has a satisfactory look.



  • Classic Style
  • Enough for 6 people
  • Gaps around marble tile
  • Sharp Crevasses


ACME Marble Dining Table

As mentioned before, marble is available in different colors. Especially in the natural marble tops, it is a pleasure to have those natural colors and veins for the dining table. As marble material is a great representator of the wealth, the natural color will gain the trust more.

The precious marble top, supported with the minimally designed espresso finished legs that brings out the value of the material, while providing a strong background. The thick natural marble surface provides a sturdy look for the user.



  • Natural Marble
  • Classic Style
  • Enough for 6 people
  • Sturdy
  • Heavy
  • Needs to be sealed


Alfaro Faux Marble Pub Dining Table

In the classical combination of wood frame and marble, the shape can change the whole perception. Instead of classical rectangle frame, legs clustered together at the base and created a second level. This conical table is convenient for the modern small houses that are lack of space.

Despite other standard marble tables, this table has 36” which defines it as a pub dining table. Using with bar stools is convenient for this pub dining table. The faux-marble top is compatible with the dark cherry wood finishes with the natural luster. By itself, this table looks like a piece of art, combining the classical design beauty with the modern one.



  • Space saver
  • Modern Style
  • Bar height
  • Only for 4 people
  • Sharp corners



Beauty is relevant, but the functionality is factual. In this case, according to the shape and the style of the dining room, the preference of the marble table can change. Following the latest design trends, the white marble becomes so much popular in recent years. It is possible to see it as flooring, in furniture and even as accessories.

The Modway Lippa faux marble dining table can provide a more luminous dining room and help easier traffic around the table. The realistic faux-marble top is hard to distinguish from the natural marble. It is easier to clean and maintain good without the need of seal. The lacquer polished and flowy designed one leg and round base balances the table, and it is sturdy enough.



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