Bedroom Lighting Tips!

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Having difficulty about sleeping? We are solving your bedroom lighting problems!
bedroom lighting

⁉️How does lighting effects us during sleep? 
➡️ Color Spectrum of Light 
➡️ Lux & Lumen 
➡️ Distance & Direction of the Light 
➡️ Types of the bulbs 
➡️ Types of lights sources 

bedroom headboard lighting

💡 Effect of light over sleeping?
The lack of light is sending a sleeping time alert to the body which makes darkness essential for sleeping hours. 
⚫️ Is it true to be in total darkness? 
Even that the bedroom must be kept as dark as possible, according to the needs, there can be a light source that won’t affect the sleeping quality but will help to create the most convenient sleeping ambiance.

bedroom indirect lighting

What is the best light bulb for a bedroom? 
💡The best lighting for bedroom is incandescent bulbs which provides soft white and yellow lighting. This light gives warm and cozy feeling to your bedroom. You can have a light with dimmer so for the bedtime you can keep the lighting in minimum. 
👀 To learn more about arranging bedroom lighting for the most qualified sleeping experience, you can read the detailed article in our blog! Check the stories to get a direct link to our website OR visit “All you need to know about Bedroom Lighting” article to read more. 

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💤 There are several applications about having a good sleep. 😴 So far I am using one of them frequently and I think it really helps. You can see the app from my personal account @gizem_sevilmis
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