How to select the convenient art piece for your house?

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Having the last touch has never been so easy! Choosing the right art piece will change the mood of your interior forever!
modern art piece

🎨 How to select the convenient art piece for your house? 
🛋 Choose the place! 
Decide on which part of your house you want to place an artwork. It is important which room and which part of the room you will place the artwork. 

yellow livingroom design

🧐 Determine your style! 
First of all you need to know which kind of paintings you like. Find your style that can represent you! 

botanic interior design

👁‍🗨 Consider Scale 
Measure the area that you want to place an art piece. Try to keep the balance. The art piece shouldn’t be too big or too small for its place. 

painting at interior design

⚖️ Keep the balance 
If you have a minimal interior then you can keep a bold art piece to show itself. Or reverse. You can open a frame of stillness for your interior with a calm piece. 

black and white painting

🖼 It is not always a painting. If you are fan of modern arts then you have a lot of choices with different techniques and materials. 
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