Choosing the right Sofa for your Living Room

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Choosing the right sofa is easier than you imagine! Just a few tips to consider!
sofa for living room

🛋 Having the right decision over the big scale furniture such as sofa is important because it is directly affecting the perception of the room. 

colorful sofa

📐 Model & Measure 
👉🏻 The location of the sofa should be decided well according to the circulation in the room To keep the most of the free space. 
👉🏻 Depending on the shape and the size of the room you can eliminate many choices. But still to have the best choice, you need to consider how often and how many people at the same time will use the sofa. 

purple sofa

🎨 Color ve Materials
👉🏻 One of the biggest furniture at your interior, your sofa will affect the interior design style with its color and texture. So while following the trends and having the bold choices, you have to keep in mind that this is going to be your daily use piece. 
👉🏻 To keep the most convenient material for your sofa you have to consider the user profile (children, pets) and location of your sofa. (Near by open kitchen, dining room) 

modern armchair


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