? Kitchen Secrets | Review – Italian vs German vs Turkish Kitchens

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kitchen review

👋 Hello Everyone! In this video, we are showing 3 different kitchen brands! German brand Bulthaup kitchen, Italian brand Berloni kitchen, Turkish brand Intema kitchen and another Turkish Award winner kitchen Baz:Biz!

🍳 We are sharing with you three different kitchens from different segments. In this video, you will be watching B3 and mobile B2 types of Bulthaup kitchen. Then coming Italian Kitchen Berloni and two Turkish kitchens! If you don’t want to skip new videos, please like our video and subscribe to our channel, this way you will be informed about the following videos.

🔥 Bulthaup Type B3 and B2 Kitchens👇

👉 From the greatest segment of the kitchen design Bulthaup brand is the first furniture brand that was selected as a successful 5th product in 2016.

⭐ Bulthaup is a handmade kitchen which is produced only 100.000 kitchens in a year and even in Germany, only 35% of people are using this private kitchen!

🔥 Berloni Kitchen👇

👉 Special Italian production kitchen. All their kitchen is named by a city in Italy and carrying the trace of that city.

⭐ Even though they have modern kitchen Berloni is still the best producer of the classic style of kitchen.

🔥 Baz:Biz👇

👉 Award winner Kitchen is unfortunately not on production.

⭐ Designed with more of an industrial kitchen approach, all the details are thought and special materials are used.

🔥 Intema👇

👉 One of the biggest kitchen producer company in Turkey.

⭐ They are working with both classic and modern kitchen. They have a special coating over the cabinet door where the material covering the door with the vacuum.

Bullet Points:

👇 What are you going to see in this video?:

✅ Handmade Kitchen

✅ High-End Kitchen

✅ Modern Kitchen Design

✅ Kitchen Accessories

✅ Kitchen Appliances

✅ Kitchen Installation

✅ Kitchen Island

✅ Portable Kitchen Do you want to renew your kitchen?

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💖 Let’s see the best kitchens together!



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