The Ghost Chair Review: Where and How to use it?

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Ghost Chair Review: Where and How to use it?



Searching for an accent for your house? When it comes to the interiors, the change is inevitable. As life goes forward, the change comes with it. The biggest concern lying under the idea of change is generally the budget. That is why it is important to decide the amount of the change. In the first step, it may relieve you to have this decision.

Things to Consider

A furniture can change the soul of the interior. Especially when you are planning to have a unique one. The Ghost Chair is a unique furniture that can easily blow a contemporary wind inside of your house. It is hard to find a convenient piece that can fit the change.

In this condition, The Ghost Chair is a right choice for your dining room, study room, bedroom and even to your office. It is also not important if the existing interior is not modern styled. As it comes from the name of it, The Ghost Chair can catch up with any style and find a convenient perspective in your interiors.

The Ghost Chair

If you are bored of the existing style of your interior and you cannot imagine a big change, The Ghost Chair will be the right choice for you. If you like to mix and match different styles and if you can be courageous about choices, having the ghost chair will make you happy.

It is also important to consider the fact that it is made up of classical lines, it is the material that is changing the effect this much. So this furniture can be a smart one for the ones that are stuck between the classic and the modern style. The Ghost chair is coming to make your interior balanced.

On the other hand, if you are so much concerned about having the same color schemes, the same style of the furnitures, this much change won’t fit your expectations. Another fact that must be considered before buying is that, The Ghost Chair won’t be the most comfortable chair to spend the whole day with. Therefore, you can consider having some pillows or textile to have more comfortable sit while adding your style to the piece.

What is The Ghost Chair? What makes it this much unique?

With its original name The Louis Ghost Chair, owes its iconic name to its material which is transparent polycarbonate that is preventing it a ghostly look. As it is reflecting the style of the Louis XV, it is also twisting this style with the material belonging to the 21st century. It can be easily said that this piece is more than furniture but art itself. This is why it is this much unique.

At the first impression, the ghost chair seems to be fragile and unsubstantial. When in use, the sturdiness of the chair is a sign that first impression is a diversion. That is why this unique piece is always brought questions about its existence. Some cannot accept the combination of classic design and the modern material while some are against the use of plastic, or believes that is implying a cheap look.



  • Light
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with different styles
  • Unique combination of classic and modern
  • Not for plastic haters
  • Not possible fix in case of cracks
  • Needs additional textile for the long-term comfort

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As mentioned before, the ghost chair is compatible with different styles. As it has a ghostly feeling, it is never too much design for your interiors. With inner comfort, you can easily prefer the ghost chair around your dining table, even if it is a classical one. In the end, the shiny frame around your dining table can bring out the dining table and create a fresh perspective to your dining room.

As it can be preferred alone, the ghost chair can be used as pairs also. For the special corner nearby the window for a cup of coffee, can welcome the ghost chair with a great pleasure.

Features and Benefits

The ghost chair, is a single molded acrylic construction that is used to ensure the stability and easy maintenance. Careful thought was invested delivering material that is durable and lightweight. Being ideal for the contemporary motive the curved seat and the armrest also add comfort to this unique chair. Its shiny finish, bolds the classical motive of the chair.


It is giving the feeling of the modern times taking reference from the history. It is not giving the classical plastic furniture feeling. With its curved seat, it is designed according to the ergonomics. The role of this ghost chair is not being dismissed from its plastic structure or classical view but be accepted as the whole of being the both. Therefore it is an artsy piece on the one hand and on the other hand, it is just a background for your other furniture.


The Ghost Chair

It is possible for ghost chair to be used for different purposes. It can be a chair in a toddlers room while it can be the piece of the dining set. For the change lovers, having this kind of piece is a right change. It is always possible to change the location of this chair because it can adapt easily.


The Ghost Chair

As it is made up of plastic material, the Ghost chair is quite lighter than a standard chair. This is making it easier to move. It is also molded perfectly that cannot create harm for the floor. As an armchair, with its armrest, it is providing a healthy seat by occupying the least area that is making it perfect as a dining seat.


The Ghost Chair

The ghost chair has no additional piece, it is made up of one piece. Therefore, no worries about assembly. It can be seen as a blank page, and it can be styled with different pillows and textile. As it is a whole plastic piece, it won’t get stained, and it is always easy to clean. This chair is an easy to maintain brand new for a long time, and it is carefree.

Space Saver

With its transparent finish, it is not covering a big space, and it is also a good choice for the small interiors. The ghost chair can look good also with precious furniture. It would provide a beautiful illusion which won’t block the view.


If you are already convinced about having a ghost chair but you are not sure about the style then there is good news: the ghost chair has different styles.

The Ghost Chair: Without armrests

If you have a lack of space problem, then probably it would be a better choice to prefer the ghost chair without armrest. As it seems more like from the family of the chair, this chair can definitely used for the dining area. With its more modern lines, it can be a good choice for the minimalist lovers also.

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The Ghost Chair: With Square Back

Organic forms are not always matching with the taste of the user. For this reason, ghost chair has another styling with the square back. This piece is the most minimal looking among the other ghost chairs. Even if the seating rest is a square shaped, it is still curved to provide a more comfortable seat.

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The Ghost Armchair

Among others, this Ghost chair can be counted as an armchair. It is still a whole piece, and with its curved structure, it is providing a comfortable seat. This piece is more comfortable for single or double use. As it is more like an armchair, it is pricier than other options.

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As a conclusion, the ghost chair can be a convenient solution for different needs. It can be used as a set around the dining table, as it can be used as a single chair for the desk. With its ergonomic structure, it will provide a comfortable seat for the user. The single molded acrylic construction, it is slightly lighter than another kind of chairs. It is easy to move, and it is easy to clean.

The Ghost Chair

The ghost chair is compatible with different styles. It can be used in a minimalistic interior while it is also possible to use with the classical furniture. You can always change the place of this unique piece and use it in another room.

In the end, the Ghost chair is a good choice for the ones looking for a new accent for their interiors. It is also a long-term good decision with its plastic structure, it is easy to maintain it like new. It can always be personalised with different textiles and pillows. So it is also like a blank page for you to express your style. The ghost chair will haunt your place with style.

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