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Creating your home office is never hard after knowing the secrets!
home office

👩🏻‍💻 Home Office! How to design it? Vol.1 👨🏻‍💻​

home office design

👔 Many people prefer to work from home instead of renting an office due to the time spent on the way to the office, concentration problems or economic reasons. 

⁉️ But how do you get this personal motivation? How do you take the home office more seriously? 

home office decor

1) Location 

📖 – Your special working area 
You still have to have a special area that you percept as your office. 

☀️ – Natural Lighting And Fresh Air 
You may be at home but it doesn’t mean that you can work whenever you want. Your circadian system should be aware of the natural hours! 

🌪 – Enough Space 
You need to organize your working area to feel more organized and comfortable. 



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