? How to do balcony decoration?

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It is your time to breathe! Create a cosy balcony!

Balcony Design Tips

modern balcony

🏠 Balcony is often becoming an ugly extension of our house. 

small balcony design

How are these small, messy but free spaces transformed into pleasant and useful at the same time? 3 important suggestions! 👇🏻 

chic balcony

1️⃣ Get rid of unnecessary items!
Get rid of the redundancies that you don’t really use, that don’t work and don’t mean anything to you. The main problem of the balcony is that it is not used for storage of forgotten belongings. 

cosy balcony

2️⃣ Choose your furniture correctly!
You should choose your furniture wisely. Head towards folding or multifunctional furniture, ideal for balconies.

3️⃣ Close it if necessary!
If it does not impair the integrity of the building or if you have obtained the necessary permissions, you can include your balcony to indoors and make your balcony available for all seasons.

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