How to Select the Best Bar Stool

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How to Select the Best Bar Stool

In the previous article, we learned how to create the right concept for the interior of a cocktail bar. The bar is the main focus point of the interior, so whatever belongs to it, must be compatible with it. The most used parts of the bars by customers is the bar stool and countertop of the bar. Moreover, the most eye-catching part is the back of the part where the customer would directly stare. To provide a comfortable and cozy visit to a bar, you must start from the bar stools. The longer they sit, the more they enjoy and the more they will come back.

Stool types

Bar stools are produced in four main categories. These categories are determined by the height of the bar. In general, there are short bars, counter bars, normal height bars, and extra tall bars.

Bar Stool Height

The general measures for the kitchen bar which is accepted as the short bar is 28”-30” height including the countertop. According to that, seating must be 17”-18” height. The height of the counter bar is 35”-36” and the seating height must be 24”-26”.

Bar Stool Height

The standard bar is around 40”-12” high and the required seating height is 28”-30”. If you are planning to have the maximum height for the bar, so the maximum you can get is 45”-48”. Therefore seating height must be 33”-34”.  


Bar Stool Spacing

If you are planning to choose bar stools that are heavy to move or fixed to the floor, then you should consider the spacing between bar stools carefully. From the corner or the bar, it is important to leave at least 14” to place the first bar stool. The suggested space that must be left between bar stools is minimum 28”.


Belonging to different needs and interior design approaches, there are different kind of stool designs, differing in styles. This way it is always possible to find a convenient stool that can fit to your interior.  


Country Bar Stool

Country style of stools are made up of wood materials, sometimes covered with stain and lacquer. This style of bar tool can be the aesthetic representation of farmhouse-like designed interiors.


Tiki bar stools are compatible with the Polynesian-style of restaurants and bars. These stools are designed by the inspiration coming from tiki carvings and mythology of Polynesian art history.  


Mid-Century Bar Stool

According to the main features of the mid-century modern design, form follow function. Designed object both from organic and geometric forms, must consider minimum ornamentation. While exploring both traditional and non-traditional materials, the Mid-Century Bar Stool can provide both past and future in itself.


Saddle bar stools are designed by the inspiration coming from a seat fastened at the back of the horse to provide riding. Saddle bar stools can be found in different varieties.


Scandinavian Bar Stool

The Scandinavian style bar stool is the strong representation of the simplicity and functionality. It will fit the interior design idea where functionality, direct lines and elegance is majoring.


Barrel Bar Stool

Barrel style bar stools are generally old furniture that comes alive. While it is providing the old-fashioned grace of the genuine wood material, it is preserving the shape of the barrel.


Rustic Bar Stool

Rustic design is an approach, embracing nature-inspired textures with natural colors and simplicity. Rustic Bar Stool will bring your interior an organic warmth.


Modern Bar Stool

Modern bar stools are mostly found in metallic structure and different seating colors. Plastic and plexi materials are quite often preferred. These bar stools can bring a different perspective to a modern designed bar.


Coastal Bar Stool

Defined by comfort and relaxation, the coastal design is bringing the spirit of beach to your interior.


Industrial Bar Stool

Industrial style of furniture is referring to an aesthetic interior trend which is taking its inspiration from old factories and industrial spaces. Industrial bar stools can be easily found also function with swivel can also fit loft style of bars.


Retro Bar Stool

The retro style of bar stool will bring your bar the strong spirit of the 70s. You can catch the pop-culture and stay classic at the same time by preferring retro bar stool at your bar.


Wicker Bar Stool

If your bar is also functioning at outdoor, you must consider the materials your barstool has made of. You should select water and sun resistant materials that will last long also at outdoor.



Liftable Bar Stool

Adjustability is not included in every style of bar stools. Mostly modern style bar tools have this utility to arrange the height of the bar stool according to yourself.


Foldable Bar Stool

Foldable bar stools are convenient for the small interiors or outdoor bars, where bar stools needed to be collected at closed hours.


Swivel bar stools are also adjustable. By turning the seating, you can change the height of the bar stool. This feature is mostly seen in the industrial style of bar stools.


Bolted Bar Stool

Constant bar stools are the ones that are generally not moveable from their places. They are either designed with heavy materials or fastened to the floor.


The frame is the main skeleton of the bar stool. It is gathering all the parts together. It can be made up of different materials. 

Metal Frames

Metal framed bar stools can be made up of different looks. It is not always made up of chromatic colors but also can be found as brass. This way it is possible to catch a modern, vintage and rich look by preferring metal framed bar stool for your interior.

Wooden Frames

Wood is a warm material and can be found in different durabilities, resistance and colors. This way it is possible to find a convenient wood-framed bar stool pretty much for every style of bar.






Plastic bar stools are generally preferred by their ease of cleaning. They are also able to give stylish look for your interior with their one-piece molded design. The semi-permanent can create an invisible curtain for your bar that brings out the design of it.  


The seat of the bar stool is giving the greatest clue of which kind of bar you are designing. If you are planning a coble seating, it means you are caring about the costumers spending quality time at the bar. If the seating is mfortaroundable, then you are giving a space for the communication between the people sitting at the bar. 

According to your space, the very first thing you need to consider is the diameter of the seating. For smaller spaces, 15” seat can be preferred. The general diameter of seating for the normal conditions is 17”. If you are caring about the comfort at the bar area, the maximum diameter of seating you can choose is 21”.

Molded Plastic

Bar seating made up of molded plastic are mostly found with the metal frames. The semi-permanent ones can create a contrasting impact over the interior of the bar.


Barstools done by wicker material are mostly preferred for the outdoor according to their durability under different environmental conditions especially when they are made by plastic materials. The ones, done with the wooden material are convenient for the cozy and warm bars.


Bar stools with the padded seating are the most comfortable ones so far. They can be upholstered with different kind of leather, fabric and microfiber materials.

Seating Materials






Back of the barstool actually is the part of the bar stool that is taking the most attention. This doesn’t mean that the bar stools with designed backs are the best. Sometimes a bar itself is designed in the way that shouldn’t be covered. In this kind of situations, it is better to prefer backless bar stools. According to the comfort level, the low back bar stools that are accepted as more comfortable ones. For more classical bar interiors, high back bar stools are mostly preferred.

No Back

Low Back

High Back

The back of the bar stool can be a solid piece or can be made up of different pieces. This feature, with the material that it is made up of, more or less determines the style of the bar stool. The ones that are closed, can be curved or rolled and this feature makes them look more classical.

The wooden framed bar stools can have designed backs such as cross, ladder, windsor or mission style. This designed back are also accepted as semi-permanent bar stools and together creates a pattern in front of the bar.

Bar Stool Backs

Rolled Back

Curved Back

Solid Back

Pattern Back

Bar Back Styles

Cross Back
Ladder Back
Windsor Back
Mission Back


The footrest part is one of the most important element of the bar stool. It is providing a balance for the user which is in interaction with the furniture that is out of human scale. When considered different heights and weights of the people, footrests are mandatory to have. It is a support for the user when sitting down, standing up and also sitting phase.  They can be in different shapes according to the style of the bar stool.


Footrest width must be
designed in consideration with seating and base dimension. The suggested
dimension for the footrest is minimum 14”.

Footrest Width


The suggested height for the footrest is around 10”. While preferring a bar stool with the footrest, it is important to consider if a bar also has an additional footrest. In this case, it is important to select a bar stool that has no footrest or the one that won’t come into the same line with the footrest of the bar.

Footrest Height

The suggested height for the footrest is around 10”. While preferring a bar stool with the footrest, it is important to consider if a bar also has an additional footrest. In this case, it is important to select a bar stool that has no footrest or the one that won’t come into the same line with the footrest of the bar.

Stool Footrest Types








A bar stool can have four legs like regular chairs. To provide more space, one-legged bar stools are more preferred these days. To create the balance for the one-legged bar stool, the shape and dimensions of the base is so much important. The bases can be found in two structures: flat and dome. For both structures, the round and square shapes can be found. These barstools with bases also has an advantage about floor protection. The diameter of a regular bar stool base must be minimum 19.5” to carry as much as possible and to maintain the balance.

Stool Base Types






Some bar stools are designed with armrest. These bar stools are designed with the inspiration coming from armchairs. Bar stools with armrests can be a complete piece of seating and back or also be separated. Bar stools with armrests are generally the part of bar stools that are with the back.

Bar Stool Armrests





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