Legendary Man Interior Designers!

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Legendary Man Interior Designers who guide all the designers and shape the interior design world!
billy baldwin

⭐️ 3 Legendary Man Interior Designer ⭐️ 

🌟 Billy Baldwin
He was supporting that the architecture is more important than decoration. His designs were constructed over the comfort and quality bricks. He was giving value to the pieces that his customer has instead of throwing them away and getting new ones! He was even choosing and organizing the dresses of his clients. He had that much interest over women clothes.

albert hardley

🌟 Albert Hadley
For a designer it is hard to keep chick and functional at the same time but not for Hadley. He was supporting the idea of the visualization is just a piece of this job. For him the most important thing was discipline! He embraced the philosophy of “no more, no less!” He combined his work path with Sister Parish at 1962. 

Jean Michel Frank

🌟 Jean Michel Frank
He was known as minimalist but he liked to style the furniture with rich materials such as bronze covered doors or lamps made of quartz. His favorite color was white. He is the designer of Parsons table which is one of the most iconic piece of minimalism. 

💥 It is not all! Soon with new posts we will be talking about other important architects too! Keep in track!
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