Remote Control LED Light Strip Review – Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Home Kit

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remote control led stripes_2

LED has been in our lives since it was discovered in 1993. That tiny little light source is in everything around us: traffic lights, computer screens, and even our cell phones. It is not a surprise that LED light sources are used in so many products. They have many advantages when compared with other light sources. They are so small that they can basically fit many products perfectly. For large installations, the led strip light kit is mainly preferred.

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Lighting has a great impact on interior design. It can change someone’s perception of the interior and the other products in the room. It is possible to ruin a classy interior with poor lighting.

Lighting must be balanced for every interior. A room should benefit from natural lighting as much as possible. The general lighting of the room must be balanced for a better perception. Then, the local lighting elements must be located for task lighting. This supports the general lighting and provides a highlight of specific areas; it can also increase lighting in the area to support general lighting when needed.

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Whether the space is residential or commercial, the same concerns will occur about lighting. There is a need for a lighting system that will enlighten the room while being cost-saving, safe (not getting hot over time), and environmentally friendly. For long years, from fire to bulbs, there have been so many solutions – but none of them fit the needs of the user like LED lights do.

Advantages of LED!

  • They are 80% more efficient than other light sources
  • 95% of energy converted to light, 5% converted to heat
  • 60-Watt incandescent bulbs produce only 8.5 watts per bulb
  • No toxic elements
  • Better Light Distribution
  • Better Light Focus
  • Longer lifespan (6 times longer)
  • Low carbon emission and a smaller carbon footprint
  • Low electricity bills – Cost Saving
  • More Robust
  • Less Light Pollution
  • Safer
  • Emit Negligible Heat
  • Do not Draw bugs and insects toward them
  • Good for plant growth

Which kind of LED lighting system would best serve you?

Since LED technology came to the market, it has started to fit in many sides of our lives. Things become more technological, and we started to direct everything with our cell phones. Our computers, our music, and even our security systems are directed by our smartphones now. Let’s agree on this! Technology made us a little bit lazier than before.

remote control led stripes_8

The thing is, after a long workday, when we get home, we want to spend less effort on anything around us – including switching lights. When we reach the bed and remember to turn off the lights, it feels like torture to get up again to switch off the lights. At this point, technology is meeting lighting systems. Luckily, led stripes have become more technological and made our lives much easier these days. Changing the environment in the room and switching on and off the lights has become so much easier via smartphones as well as tools like Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Home Kit!

First of all, consider what you can ask from a lighting element:

  • What can it provide you?
  • How can it make your life easier?
  • Do you want to remote control your lighting system?
  • Do you want to consider changing lighting color of the interior with color changing led light strips?
  • Would you like to sync your lights with your favorite song?
  • And do you need all of these with a lower cost of electricity?

Then this smart LED technology will fit perfectly for you.

If you are a precise person and except something simple from technology, then regular LED stripe lights will work perfectly for you. Buying some smart LED stripe system has no point if you are not going to use its features.

So what are remote control (WI-FI) LED Stripes?

When problem-solving technology meets another technology, it can really start to change your life. We’re talking about the remote LED light. It’s so easy to install. Whatever length do you prefer and wherever you want to use it, you can adjust for any case. Up to this point, everything is like what you can get with regular LED stripes.

So with the same installations and the same product, what more can you get?

Here are the distinctive properties of your best LED light strips. First of all, the biggest lifesaving property of the smart LED strip light kit is that it can be controlled remotely.  Unlike regular LED stripes, they can change colors. So you don’t have to decide on specific led light colors when you are buying. There are no limits! You can try endless varieties of colors for your interior. If you like a specific color, then you can just scan it and your LED lighting system will provide you exactly the same led light color!

remote control led stripes_7

Color matters, but it is not the only property that makes us prefer a smart product. With the specific application that is supporting your product, you can do much more than change the led light color. You can also arrange the brightness of the interior or the speed of the light bounces, and guess what – you can also sync your lights with your favorite song!

For us, the best part is timing. You can remote control the switching on and off of your dimmable LED stripes, but that is not all. The best part is that you can arrange the timing for switching on and off, and even arrange the led light color chart for your color changing led light bar.

remote control led stripes_9

You can control all these features from your smartphone application, but what about Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple Home Kit? Luckily, smart LED stripes also work from the commands of Alexa! So don’t bother to make arrangements from your phone; just tell Alexa what you need from your lighting system.

These RGB wireless led light strips will definitely change your habits!

What is inside?

This kind of technological product must come in pieces as a set, as you can guess. For easy installation, it comes with a Wi-Fi controller, a led strip light controller commander with 24 keys (in case of need), an adapter (to connect with the electricity system), a splitter, a 4-pin connector, 2 reels of 16.4 feet RGB wireless LED light strips (300 LEDs, which will be more than enough), and a user manual that will guide you through the process.


  • Has the regular LED light strip properties
  • Multiple led light colors (16 million)
  • Color scan
  • Color changing led light strips
  • Timer function – Timing mode
  • Smartphone control
  • Brightness control
  • Adjustable speed
  • 2 control mode: WI-FI and remote
  • Led light Colors: RGB
  • Working voltage: 12V
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Sync with music
  • Compatible with IOS and Android
  • Also works well with Google Assistant, IFTTT
  • Doesn’t get hot
  • Energy efficient


  • The 2 flexible led strip light fixture needs to be connected to the two heads separately; otherwise, there will be an insufficient power supply and you can lose brightness permanently.
  • The remote control distance limit is: 50m (164 feet), in case of obstacles 25m (65-82 feet).
  • You should cut the rest of the stripes from the bold lines; otherwise, you can harm the system.

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Same LED technology properties:

As we can guess from the name of the product, the most distinctive feature of this product is that it can be remote controlled. Still, in the market, it is possible to find some versions that work with the remote led light commander. In this product, this kind of commander still exists, but it is also remotely controlled via phone applications. This is the most attractive part of this product. It also works with daily life features like Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit, and IFTTT.

remote control led stripes_3

From your smart device, you can also pick different led light colors for your lighting. By using the color scanning technology, you can lighten your room with your favorite color. Another attractive feature is that now you can sync your lighting system with music. You can arrange the vibrations of the lighting system according to your favorite song.

What do users generally do with this product?

If you decide to get this kind of product, it means that you have endless possibilities to use it. Here are some examples from users around the world.

  • Be creative. If you are a fan of art, you can convert your art into an interactive art.

social proof_1

  • Nice to have some lights in the kitchen, especially when you are craving some dessert in the middle of the night! It is quite long enough to install in the whole room. Wireless led ceiling lights will be a great choice for the cove or crown ceiling systems. The wireless led light with switch will give you an opportunity to direct your lighting system from a different room.

What are the alternatives to this product?

When technology meets a product, different producers make similar products with similar features.


remote control led stripes_1

In the end, what we actually need is quickly entering our lives more and more. When the needed technology meets the right daily product, it becomes hard to resist buying those products and making them a part of our daily lives.

What we can expect from a lighting source:

LED stripes are providing us with the freedom of arranging the size, less dangerous heat effects, cost savings, and more. This time, it is also combining the needed technology with its features. It is giving us the opportunity to remote control our lighting system, to adjust it, creating the freedom to use it wherever we want to and however long we want to. It is becoming more of a moody product in that we can arrange the color, brightness, and vibrations of the room according to our mood or even according to the music we choose. These features make it a must-have piece for any interior design.

You can click here to see more details about the product. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us!

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