Selecting Fireplaces for Your Interiors

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Selecting Fireplaces for Your Interiors

All houses have their own styles and everybody has their own tastes. Having a fireplace was a must need especially for winter times since the technology developed and heaters came out. But the ambiance and the feeling fireplaces are giving stayed indispensable. Choosing or changing the fireplace in our houses is not a big thing that we are overstating. It must seem decorative and beautiful of course but it also needs to be functional. The fuel type is also effective while choosing the fireplace. So how to choose the convenient fireplaces for our houses? Is it always a big work? Can we have a fireplace without doing constructive work in our houses? Which options do we have? We tried to answer all your questions about fireplaces in this post.

The first thing that we must consider is for what purpose we are going to use the fireplace. Even it is seems not logical, in so many houses fireplaces are staying only as a decorative item without used. So let’s find out which are our options for fireplaces.

Selecting Fireplaces by their working principles

Fireplaces with Wood

fireplaces with wood

These are the most traditional fireplaces which are functioning by using wood as a fuel. For this kind of fireplaces, there must be convenient chimney which is connected directly to the fireplace to create the airflow. When compared to the other fireplaces, the fireplaces with wood is the one which is giving the best heat and scrunch sound of the burning wood. With this kind of traditional fireplaces, you would need other functional at the same time decorative accessories such as metal sticks to interfere the fire, log holders and some storage for the woods. Also you can always add iron doors for your fireplace, which is preventing little sparks to scatter around and also seems decorative and giving your house an ancient, and traditional look.

Fireplaces with Gas

fireplaces in gas

These kind of fireplaces are using gas as a fuel. Since the natural gas started to become wide spread used in houses, the preference of fireplaces which are working with natural gas also increased. These kind of fireplaces are perfect for those who doesn’t have a place in their house to build a chimney for the fireplace. Therefore by preferring these kind of fireplaces, you are becoming free to choose in which part of your house, you are going to locate your fireplace. When compared to the traditional fireplaces which are using wood, choosing fireplaces working with gas is more eco-friendly solution. The stones and woods you often can see in these kind of fireplaces working with gas are generally there for decorative purposes and made up of artificial materials to imitate the ambiance as traditional fireplaces create.

Fireplaces with Electric

electric fireplaces

The fireplaces working with electric are the ones which are the most economical solution for the fireplace lovers. Compared to the other solutions, fireplaces working with electric are more preferred as a decorative objects. Because these kind of fireplaces has a purpose of visual effect of fireplace by using light games and they actually doesn’t serve its main purpose which is heating the room. In recent years, the preference of these kind of electric fireplaces increased because of their modern looks and the possibility of easy portability.

Fireplaces with Liquid

fireplaces with liquid

These fireplaces are functioning with a material called bioethanol that is obtained by plants. Fireplaces that are working with bioethanol are not requiring a chimney system. The bioethanol is a completely natural and health-friendly material and eco-friendly also preferred because of its sustainability. This material, with the supplementation of red color, is creating a fire which is smell and smoke free. The carbon dioxide gas its creating after firing is so much less that it is not creating any health problem. The heat amount that these fireplaces are providing is also so much low. Bioethanol fireplaces are more convenient for the people who are preferring to have fireplaces more as a decorative unit in their houses.

Fireplaces by their materials

Stone Fireplaces

stone fireplaces

Stone fireplaces are also preferred quite a lot because you can use them easily for the outdoor as you can use them in indoor. Stone fireplaces are the most traditional and natural solution among other choices. Because of the rigidness and durability of the stone, we can say that they are quite long lasting fireplaces. Granite, limestone, marble materials can be choices for these kind of fireplaces. Stone Fireplaces are also known as Rustic Fireplaces according to the ambience they create. They are quiet often chosen as a matter of fact, in the country houses, wood houses and chalets.

Brick Fireplaces

brick fireplaces

These fireplaces that are made up of bricks are also chosen according to their durability and time-resistant. Bricks are also energy efficient materials and they don’t require maintenance. Brick fireplaces also a good choice for outdoor use. With the ambience they create, they are also a strong candidate for the rustic style of decoration. As stone Fireplaces, they are also preferred in country houses and mountain houses.

Selecting Fireplaces by their models

Wall mounted fireplaces

Wall mounted fireplaces

Wall Mounted Fireplace models are more convenient for the fireplaces which are requiring a use of chimney. These fireplaces are also generally preferred to be able to use the same chimney for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces that are mounted in the two sides of the same wall. The other reason why you can choose to have the fireplace which is wall mounted is to have fireplaces on preferred height which are not needing chimneys. They also accommodate the minimal style of your house as a more modern interoperation of fireplaces.

U type fireplaces

U type fireplaces

These fireplaces are generally preferred when there is a column in the middle of the room. These column is generally expanded with the coating material, and these kind of fireplaces are created which can be seen from three different sides. U type fireplaces which are not requiring chimneys are mostly preferred for these model of fireplaces but also it is possible to use the ones with chimney by a little bit of construction work.

L type fireplaces

L type fireplaces

L type fireplaces are a decorative and modern solution for the traditional fireplaces while it is easier to use them with other fireplaces which are not requiring chimney. With these fireplaces it is possible to enjoy the fire and the belongings of the fireplaces from two sides. By preferring L type fireplaces you can also show the interior material of the fireplace and create an attractive detail in your interior.

Island Fireplaces

Island Fireplaces

These fireplaces are generally preffered as ceiling mounted. These kind of fireplaces are mostly the ones that are not requiring chimneys. They are used as a decorative and a sculptural items in the interiors and they are also called as firepits. They are like an island inside of the room that can be interacted all around. While choosing these kind of unsheltered fireplaces, we should be more careful especially for the children and the animals.



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