Sofa Models | Vol.1

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Searching for a sofa? To choose the most convenient sofa for your interiors first you need to know the sofa models very well!

🛋 Sofa Models Vol.1

⭐️ While choosing a sofa, it is important to know the sofa models in detail to make more conscious choices. 
💫 So how do sofa models occur when they are surrounded by different shells and where do their names come from? 

Chesterfield Sofa

🔹 Chesterfield 
Also known as Chester, the most visible feature of this sofa is its quilting seam. 

Cabriole Sofa

🔹 Cabriole 
Cabriole sofa, which has a design with curves that embrace the person who is sitting taking its name from the first position in the ballet, a classic arm pose.

Camelback Sofa

🔹 Camelback 
Camelback sofa, produced by furniture designer Thomas Chippendale, who shaped the English decoration in the 18th century, were named like this because the back is curved like a camel hump. 

🧐 It doesn’t end with just three! There are many more models! I’ll share more models with you every week. 



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