Things you need to know before Renewing your Bathroom!

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Want to renew your bathroom? We are telling you where to start!
modern bathroom design

🛁 Thing you need to consider before you renew your bathroom ❗️ 
Bathrooms! Limited area, harder decisions. Why? Because the building you are living in has its own plumbing system. If it is designed well then you will already know the layout of your bathroom but what if not! Then you will have difficulties to plan and design your bathroom since you will have a lot to fix.

marble bathroom design

✍🏻 Planning 
In order not to disturb the plumbing system and the building structure you shouldn’t make great changes especially the toilet in the bathroom.

modern bathroom design

🚽 Bathroom Elements
You need to be sure of the sizes, location of tubes in order to select the most convenient bathroom elements. These dimensions will give you the best layout and direction of the bathroom elements.

bathroom indirect lighting

🧽 Materials
Materials in the bathroom should be easy to clean and take care of. Choosing simple materials without any pattern will be more hygienic. It is also important to keep wooden furniture away from water. 

dark color bathroom design

❗️ Before renewing your bathroom:
⭐️ Bathroom Furniture
⭐️ Materials
⭐️ Storage Areas
⭐️ Bathroom Accessories 
⭐️ Banyo models must be searched very well.

bathroom design trends

🤓 If you have further questions don’t hesitate to ask me 👇🏻 
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