What is Loft Apartment?

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Curious about loft living? What really is loft apartment?
loft apartment

🏙 What is Loft Apartment? 
👉🏻 Loft apartments are the large, open spaces that are generally converted from industrial buildings to the residences. Loft apartments don’t have internal walls, except for the bathroom but instead of this they are popular by having high ceilings. 

🌇 What is Hard Loft & Soft Loft? 
1️⃣ In the central light industrial zones, commercial buildings are converted to the residences at the post war years. These conversion of first, second and third era are referred as “hard lofts”.

loft living

2️⃣ The residences that are builded in the last two decades to revive the look and the feel of loft style of living are known as “light lofts”.

loft design

3️⃣ To capture the look of loft apartment, It is not always possible to live in a loft in the desired area and have all the features together like floor to ceiling windows and these apartments. So most people just considered to catch some of the features of loft style which is mostly described as “loft-like” apartments. ⁉️What do you think? Would you prefer to live in a loft apartment?⁉️



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