Tips for Small Kitchen Design

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All of us have the same problem! Small kitchen! We are telling you how to get the most of your small kitchen!
small kitchen design

We all have same struggle. 🤷🏻‍♀️ The most important part of the house, kitchens have generally the least m2. 📐If we cannot enlarge it, and generally we can’t, so we have to make the most of it. 
📏We need to take advantage of every corner and at the same time we need to have a fresh look 👀 So how to do that? 🛎Here are some little tips for you to make the most of your kitchen 👇🏻 

✅Plan Well 📝
Consider the kitchen triangle. Once you put everything according to this triangle you even reduce your movements in your kitchen and have a comfy use. 

kitchen triangle design

✅Lighter Colors 🔆
If small run 🏃🏻‍♀️ away from darker colors. Try to stay as light as possible. You can keep always your countertop opposite. 
✅Reflective Material ✨
Reflective materials with enough light will enlarge the perception of your kitchen + will reflect the light and create little shines. 

purple kitchen design

✅Highlight Workplace 🔦
Your workplace is the most important. Try to light that area as much as you can. This way draw the attention to the mid of your kitchen. 
✅Effective Lighting 💡
Hidden lighting will be your savior. Under the cabinets for floor lighting with a shiny floor material will create a bigger illusion. 

minimal kitchen design

✅Simple lines ✔️
You have to get the most of it inside so keep as much as simple outside. Texture and ornaments on the cabinets will make your kitchen smaller. 
✅Built-ins 🔛
Try to keep kitchen appliances fixed. So you will have the most of your countertop. 

black kitchen design

✅Hidden Storages 🔍
Toe kick drawers, pull out cabinets, above the cabinet and even inside of the cabinet doors. 
✅Store Away 🏗
No unnecessary things in your small kitchen. The rare use items you can keep at your storage or even in some console in another room. 
🔥To learn 20 more tips like this, check our last 🔗 at our story and 🚀 read the article about small kitchen design in our website link in bio 🔝

29 Ideas for Small Kitchen Design




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