Space Planning In Interior Design

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The heart of real estate and interior design comes down to space planning. The rising price per-square-meter all over the world is a clear testament to the paramount importance of space.
interior design space planning

When it comes to innovation interior design, making the place beautiful and habitable is important. But this is only achieved when the available space is utilized judiciously and smartly. This is why space planning in interior design is a crucial topic that cannot be ignored.

But what exactly is space planning 📐? For the uninitiated, it is an in-depth analysis of the available space, drawing up the most suitable plans for it, identifying specific activities that take place in those zones. It also involves simulating how people move through this space and completing it by adding all the required hardware to it. 

Importance of space planning

space planning

Regardless of the project, planning is a fundamental element that determines its outcome. In interior design, the importance of space planning pertains to:

1. Balance and symmetry

The most beautiful things in nature are those that have symmetry and balance. Since space designing is all about considering proportion, correct placement of doors, windows, fireplaces as well as the furniture 🛋️, there is balance and harmony in the space.

2. Functionality

As opposed to earlier days, people appreciate multi-functionality in their living spaces these days. The bedroom transitions into a wardrobe or a bathroom 🛀; there is no clear demarcation between a dining area and the kitchen, a child’s bedroom that doubles up as a study space, and so on.

This is made possible if space planning has been carefully considered designing the interior. 

3. Choosing the right furniture

No interior designer worth his salt would put an oversized bed in a small room and vice versa. Not only is this impractical and space-consuming, but it is also simply ridiculous. 

A home is only made functional and presentable when it is furnished with the right furniture 🪑. When you plan your design based on your understanding of the space, picking the right furniture not only becomes easy. It makes the place look great and reflect your artistry as well.

4. Aesthetic appeal

Most homeowners pay interior designers to make their homes beautiful, unique, and a reflection of their lifestyle. And this is achieved when you do proper space planning. 

It allows you to reduce clutter, make the best use of every nook and corner, and make the room functional. The overall result is an aesthetically appealing space that shows it was designed carefully and with meticulous attention to detail.

5. Alignment with the client’s taste

There is no client that will hire an interior designer who cannot translate their unique requirements into reality. Since every client is uniquely different and has different needs and tastes, you must be flexible and capable of adapting to that.

When you design a space, it is not only about the perfect measurements 📏and the right proportions. Although these are also important, you must be able to listen to the client’s requirements and translate them into something they can enjoy for many years. 

6. Ease of renovation

Another factor that many people don’t consider is what may be required in the future. Many homeowners tend to renovate ⚒️ and modify their homes or certain areas as the years go by. The reasons could be the addition of a new member in the family, a kid going away to college, or maybe wanting something different.

Those houses and spaces that were designed with space planning are easier to modify and remodel than those that were built on a rigid design. This is the main reason why older homes are much harder to modify. 

Factors to consider during space planning

interior designing

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to space planning. However, there are certain things you need to consider to make the most out of it 📋.

1. Pay special attention to circulation passageways

These are the pathways that connect or lead to other rooms and living areas. Therefore, these should have ergonomic design and high functionality.

2. Wallpaper and paints can trick the eye

If you are working with a small space, paints in neutral colors or wallpaper with miniature grids can visually open up a place. On the other hand, rich colors 🌈 and wallpapers with large bold patterns and grids can make spaces look smaller.

3. Lighting can make or break your design

Clever use of lighting 💡 in a living area can open up an otherwise cramped space. Conversely, when it is not put in the wrong location, it can make the place look unwelcoming and claustrophobic. 

Consider if you want the place to have natural light as the primary source, use both natural and artificial light or rely on an artificial source for the lighting conditions.

4. Connecting with nature opens up the place

Many people love the idea of blending their living areas with nature. A verandah that opens into a panoramic view of the ocean 🌅, a sliding glass door that opens out into the garden 🌳; these are space elements that instantly opens up even the smallest space. Not only this, they are an excellent way to add greenery to a home. 

5. Visual proportion matters

Even if you have worked hard on picking the right paint, the furniture, and the overall plan of the space, your choice of décor can tarnish the visual appeal. It is because the human eye interprets vertical lines as long and slim and horizontal lines trick it into interpreting it as wide.

Consider your choice of décor and art pieces 🖼️, as well as their placement. A huge portrait on a blank wall can look grand but may look out of place at the entrance.


space planning in interior design

As we see, space planning in interior design is as crucial as coming up with the blueprint of a project. It determines whether a place looks elegant and spacious or crammed and mismatched. 

Space planning is the very essence that defines a substandard home from a well-designed and luxurious home fit for proud homeowners. 

Interior Designer Istanbul

Interior Designer Istanbul

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